Interactive Touch Panels for Businesses

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Interactive Panels are fast becoming the choice for meeting rooms rather than an interactive whiteboard. They are a lot neater than projectors, offer a lot more functionality and the increased popularity has really bumped down the price and driven the manufacturers to create better products. We stock all of the major brands and can offer great pricing as well as demos on all models, give us a call on 01256 885863 to organise this. Click here to book a demo today to try before you commit to spending.

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Getting a touch screen for your business is a great way to make a huge impression with those vital presentations and we can offer a free demonstration before purchasing so you can see how good they are before committing to a order. Although the wide range of choice is great it can be a bit baffling so why not give our interactive expert Peter a call today on 01256 885863 to put together a bespoke solution or send us a message here.