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Installation & Demonstration of Interactive Panels We do far more than just sell online, we have close relationships with the manufacturers so can organise demonstrations for you and once + Read More

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Interactive Panels

We have a panel division of Cyntech Trading which people also know as Just Projectors. The idea for Interactive Panels UK is to have a dedicated website where you can find the ideal solution for your needs, whether it's a school, nursery or business. Panels have increased in popularity now they are larger and offer an alternative to projectors. Interactive Panels UK has a dedicated technical sales person Peter Tucker who has in depth knowledge of the major brands. Our approach is to offer telephone advice, arrange a demo if you require it and we can also install the items for you. Most manufacturers work on a bid system for panels, often offering exceptional discounts but it requires us to log the bid, answer a free questions and then we get the bid lodged. There are discounts for multi purchases and often free upgrades but you need to make contact with us. Tell us what you want to do with the panel, maybe you think you should replace your whiteboard with a panel but only think Smart or Promethean are the choice as you have exisiting software, panel manufacturers are not necessarily whiteboard manufacturers more likely to be brnads that have a range of projectors, but Peter can help and you will be surprised how much you can save by simply calling us up.